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Q: Do you re-key locks?

A: Yes we do. You have two options in this case. We can come to you, remove the lock and re-key or you can bring the lock to us and one of our in-house technicians can re-key it for you while you wait.


Q: Do you cut keys?

A: Yes, we cut keys, from standard door lock keys, padlocks and cabinets, to automotive (including the transponder-chipped) keys and high security Medeco keys.


Q: What is Key Bumping?

A: "Key bumping" or "Lock bumping" is a lock picking technique for opening pin tumbler locks with a modified key. The modified key is bumped with a hammer, piece of wood or any type of object to open the lock. The bump key works in a similar way to a pool cue ball hitting another ball – causing both balls to separate. When the pins inside the lock all separate, the cylinder can be opened.


Q: What can i do about Key Bumping?

A: Talk to a security professional such as a locksmith about the appropriate options for what you are trying to secure. High security cylinder manufacturers (such as Medeco) provide cylinders that can retrofit into most lock brands without having to replace the entire lock.


Q: Why should i have restricted keys and locks to prevent key bumping?

A: $2.75. That's about how much it costs for a thief to get your key duplicated at any one of more than 30,000 hardware or 26,000 discount stores nationwide.

  • How did they get your key?
  • Ever given your key to a babysitter or petsitter?
  • How abouta maid or cleaning service?
  • How about your garage mechanic?

Even an unskilled thief can get a copy of your key made by writing down the code stamped on it — and it only takes moments. Locks provide no protection if others can copy your keys!

And how about the locks on your doors? If they are like most locks available at many retail stores, they have very limited combinations — meaning the chances of your neighbor's key fitting your door are as high as 1 in 50.

It could happen to you!


Q: What lock manufacturer do you recommend for High Security?

A: We Recommend MEDECO. Medeco's patented Medeco3 system is the third generation of Medeco, meaning it's virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission. Only Medeco security professionals are authorized to cut your key, and they can only do so with your consent.

The Lock Shop is a Medeco Dealer.


Q: How do I measure my door for hardware?

A: You want to measure the distance from the centre of the hole to the edge of the door called the 'backset'. The most common sizes are 2-3/8 or 2-3/4.


Q: How do I hand a door?

A: See diagram below:

Door Handing


Facts from Medeco

Consider these facts:

  • In 83% of all burglaries, the front door is compromised.
  • The chances of your house being burglarized are 1 in 6.
  • Houses on a corner suffer 40% of all break-ins. And you're more likely to be burglarized if you live close to a major thoroughfare, on a cul-de-sac or on a dead-end street.
  • If you just moved into your home and did not change your locks, you have no way of knowing who has a copy of your keys.
  • Thieves often force the door in or pry it open. They also resort to physically attacking the lock by drilling, hammering, wrenching or sawing the bolt.

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